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  • Welcome to Fujian Zhixing Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.

    Fujian Zhixing activated carbon Co.,Ltd . is located in Muxilin Of jian'ou city in Fujian province . Fujian Jian'ou city zhixing activated carbon company limited on June 29, 2012, overall change into Fujian Zhixing activated carbon company limited . The company was founded in April 2001, is a collection of activated carbon industry , R & D, production and sales of integrated domestic wood activated carbon industry  backbone enterprises. The company mainly use local wood processing residues as raw materials to produce high-quality wood powdered activated carbon  products . It is widely used in the fermentation industry, bio-pharmaceutical industry, synthetic chemical industry, environmental protection industry bleaching refining, purification .

    The company currently has 10 line rotary kiln production for activated carbon industry , they have annual output of activated carbon of 20,000 tons, the Output value of RMB 1. 500 million  and  it is the leading place in the forefront of the country . the scale of production at the nation's production technology and equipment is the leading domestic level, Obtained the title of circular economy demonstration enterprise in Fujian province . The company passed the ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification, and obtain the Fujian Provincial Health Department food sanitation license and related to drinking water hygiene and safety products sanitary permit this document "and" Jewish kosher certification "," Islamic halal certification production, access to operating certification , with independent import and export operation rights.

    Since its inception, the company adhere to the road of technological innovation and equipment innovation, continuous improvement process. Company after more than 10 years of hard work and training, overcoming numerous road , Currently has a unique integrity of the leading domestic level of activated carbon production know-how, accumulated rich experience in production management, Independent research and development of proprietary technology law assembly line production and processing technology of activated carbon, phosphate phosphoric acid recycling technology, dilute phosphoric acid liquid enrichment technology for waste gas, waste heat utilization technology, dust collection technology, pneumatic conveying technology for powder, acid hole control technique, temperature control matching technology, carbon technology, environmental protection technology and 16 other formulation of proprietary or patented technology and processes, they have 4 invention patents, utility model patents with 12; and with 20 critical control points in production of technical parameters of technological process, critical control points of automation control technology, drying, grinding, sewage treatment technology integration technologies is a leading domestic level, has absolute advantages in technology. All of the production lines are made of advanced energy-saving, emissions reduction, energy technologies, effective conservation of resources and energy, effective control, reduction of pollution emissions, clean production standards in the whole process of production process management, automated control and management, In 2012 the new stand-alone capacity of 8,000 tons a year on wood base activated carbon production line, It is currently the single largest phosphate capacity wood base activated carbon production line in China .

    Company main products are ZY-110 of the new environmentally-friendly gourmet powder activated carbon of glucose liquid activated carbon, ZS, ZT series of special activated carbon for sorbic acid, glycine, ZR series of special activated carbon for lactic acid, citric acid, ZC series of special activated carbon for xylitol, ZH series of special activated carbon for chemical raw materials, PA series of special activated carbon for water purification, more than seven  series of more than 30 varieties. We Can focus on customer demand for production and processing, special varieties of activated carbon production and its adaptation to fully meet the different needs of our customers . And a long-term guiding customers science carbon, effectively reduce the cost of activated carbon using our customers, win the majority of customers trust and praise at home and abroad. Company and product in fermentation, biotechnology, chemical, medicine, environmental protection and industry user group enjoys a high popularity and reputation, products sell well in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to Europe, America and Asian countries and regions,  base with a large number of long-term, stable customer .

    Our Company has won a number of honors, such as Leading enterprise in China's bamboo industry , Financial credit enterprise in Fujian province , Corporate image of China AAA level unit , Fujian famous brand products , Agricultural Bank AAA level credit enterprise in Fujian province , Defends the contract heavy credit enterprise in Fujian province , Fujian excellent quality management unit , Customer satisfaction products enterprises in Fujian province , Leading enterprise agro-processing industry of forest products in Fujian Province , And "demonstration enterprise of circular economy in Fujian province and the national innovation demonstration enterprises of science and technology" .

    Our Companies adhere to the road of sustainable development of circular economy in the future, and with the Implementation of multi-channel strategies, diversity of raw materials, science and technology strategy, brand competition strategy. Adhering to the "zhixing actions, integrity first, not the best, only better," the quality policy . Abide by the "quality first, honesty first" principle, wholeheartedly for the new and old customer service; planned for the next five years, with an annual output of 50,000 tons of activated carbon production value reaching of RMB 500 million Yuan  and taxes of RMB 36 million Yuan, profit of RMB 50 million Yuan.

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